Our history

A story of passion for movement, a love for nature, and an eagerness for exploration. Founded amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Dolomites, Fun Active Tours has become synonymous with adventure, discovery, and, above all, unforgettable experiences.

Our journey begins in 2002, in a quaint village nestled among the towering peaks and verdant forests of spruce and larch trees in Villabassa – Niederdorf, in the Upper Puster Valley, South Tyrol. It is here that the visionary entrepreneur and cycling enthusiast Freddy Mair, fueled by his own sporting endeavors and profound adoration for his homeland, embarks on a mission to manifest a dream: to curate unparalleled travel experiences that seamlessly intertwine a passion for sports with the exploration of the most breathtaking and authentic landscapes.

Fun Active Tours emerges with the vision of revolutionizing bicycle touring, making it accessible to all, by crafting routes that facilitate direct communion with nature and the rich cultural tapestry of the regions traversed. From its inception, the company distinguishes itself through the originality and excellence of its offerings, starting with itineraries that have since become iconic: from the scenic Drava cycle path, meandering from Brixen to Villach, to journeys that seamlessly blend the majesty of the Dolomites with the allure of Venice and the tranquillity of Lake Garda.

The enthusiastic reception from cycling enthusiasts across Italy and the growing interest in active tourism propels Fun Active Tours to expand its horizons. By 2003, the company extends its reach throughout Europe, venturing to iconic destinations such as the Netherlands, Germany, and France, while diversifying its offerings to include exhilarating trekking expeditions and captivating winter weeks dedicated to the art of cross-country skiing.

With the expansion, Fun Active Tours relocated to a new, larger headquarters and eventually established a branch in Dobbiaco, the starting point of the renowned Dobbiaco/San Candido – Lienz cycle path. These expanded facilities not only signify the company’s growth but also exemplify its capacity to innovate and accommodate an increasingly larger team of collaborators, all driven by the same passion and dedication.

The story of Fun Active Tours brims with significant moments, such as organizing the inaugural edition of the “Dolomiti Superbike,” an event that made a lasting impression on the cycling community and attests to the company’s commitment to promoting cycling as both a sport and an adventure. These successes stem from teamwork and a steadfast commitment to seeking new experiences that can enrich and exhilarate our customers.

Today, Fun Active Tours transcends being merely a travel company; it is a beacon for those seeking adventure, communion with nature, and authentic experiences. Our journey continues, fueled by the passion and curiosity to explore new horizons, always true to our mission of providing not just routes but genuine soul-stirring journeys.